Bolsillo bags are constructed using the finest naturally tanned leathers, making leather soft and delicate.

In order to retain its appearance, we recommend that you

  • use your bag gently and avoid contact with abundant water. If leather gets wet, dry and rub gently with a clean cloth;

  • wipe down leather after wearing as this helps to prevent that a built up of dirt and salt corrodes the surface of the leather over time;

  • apply a leather conditioner every few months. A lanolin or a beeswax-based cream will soften while protecting leather over time and helps to stop cracking in places of rigorous pressure or contact;

  • to spot clean black leathers, apply a small amount of cleaning product to the area you wish to treat and leave out to dry naturally;

  • do not leave leather garments in direct sunlight or near to strong sources of heat as this can cause leather to oxidies or crack;

  • for persistent stains on lighter coloured leather, we recommend taking your garment to a leather care specialist;

  • when not in use, store the garment in the protective dust bag received when purchase.