Perfect craftsmanship & joy

Bolsillo is above and beyond all a project to enhance the beautiful leather craftsmanship from Ubrique, a small white-walled village with a long-standing leather tradition. Every design has been meticulously sewn by hand by skilled leather artisans from this town. 

It is not just about creating a fashion label, for us the most important thing is making a social impact, working directly with the artisans, understanding their rhythms and their needs and providing a sound commercial channel so their business can evolve together with ours; and at the same time, of course, having fun while working (why not?). 

#BuyThingsYouLove (& keep them for ever).

As a brand, we promote the idea of only buying things that you fall in love with with, and you can only "really" fall in love with things that have been made under fair & ethical labour conditions and using sustainable materials and procedures. These are really quality objects that you can love, keep and use forever.

Behind the brand...

Bolsillo was created by (me) María Vázquez; I was born in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, a small town near Ubrique and since I was 17, for one reason or another, I have always been living away from my hometown. I always wanted to run a business that was linked to my roots, my passion (arts and bags) and helped preserve this beautiful craftsmanship tradition from my hometown. It is also the best excuse for traveling back home as much as I want :-). 

My creative process starts seeking inspiration in functional shapes and objects from other generations or even from my childhood memories, always looking for vintage treasures in my mum´s wardrobe.

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